Uncle Tetsu Products

Please note that the prices below are all in Australian dollars, and availability of each product varies by store. There are also monthly Cheesecakes and Madeleines that are not listed below. Please check social media accounts of your local store for the latest offerings.

Japanese Cheesecakes

Our Cheesecakes are made with Australian cream cheese. Soft & fluffy world famous staple of everything Uncle Tetsu.

 Cheese  Flour    Egg    Milk


Original Signature
The Original Signature Japanese cheesecake is the soft & fluffy world famous staple of everything Uncle Tetsu.


Madeleines are Uncle Tetsu's favorite! Luscious and moist, this buttery cupcake literally melts in your mouth. Warm up this madeleine with microwave for 15 seconds to get the just-out-of-the-oven fluff.


The base for our Cheesetarts is made from scratch in-house.

Original Triple-Baked Cheesetarts
Our ‘rich & creamy’ Cheesetarts are among the most loved baked goods we make. The Original Triple-baked Cheesetarts are velvety smooth with a touch of sour from cream cheese.

Matcha Cheesetarts
Our Matcha Cheesetarts - made here in our factory - are the rich & creamy experience of Uncle Tetsu's top-grade Japanese matcha. The flavour is an interplay of our special matcha and custard cream that is just a touch sweet and a touch bitter.