Wider range of delivery is available NOW in Melbourne!

Do you live in Melbourne ?

This time we can only deliver to the designated area, but we have widen the delivery range from 25km to 35 km so that as many customer can receive and enjoy our Cheesecake.

Delivery order form will be closed Tuesday, 26th of May at 3pm.

Delivery schedule is listed on the delivery form so please check it.

The products available for this delivery are Original Cheesecake and 6 Cheesetarts box.

Please order from here  Click this URL↓ 

Uncle Tetsu Delivery – how it works

1. Fill in this form

Please check if your home is within the delivery area and make sure you are at home on the delivery date.

Please note that we cannot specify delivery time.

2. Payment

After confirming your delivery area and products, we will send the amount and payment instruction to your email address.
Make sure that your contact details are correct before submitting this form.

After receiving the confirmation from us with payment details, please use your mobile phone number and first name as reference for the payment so we can identify and confirm your payment.

3. Delivery

We will contact you upon arrival, so please make sure to pick up the phone.

We will try to deliver on an optimal delivery route so that the products will be delivered to you in a timely manner. Should you not be home, please prepare a space where we can safely drop off your order.

Delivery areas, schedule and pricing

Delivery schedule is listed on the order form so please check it.

Depending on the number of orders, we may be able to give you a more
accurate delivery time and we’ll update you through your preferred contact.

ALL Area $7

Delivery order form will be closed Tuesday, 26th of May at 3pm.

Ayumi Matsuo


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