Angel Hat

Available at selected stores Artful hat shaped cheesecake with our original recipe is another signature cake from Uncle Tetsu. Using more than one kind of cheese, it gives you a rich and deep flavor. Enjoy its creamy and moist texture.

Honey Madeleine

Luscious and moist, this buttery cupcake literally melts in your mouth. Warm up this madeleine with microwave for 15 seconds to get the just-out-of-the-oven fluff.

Uncle Tetsu’s Cheese Tart

Size: 3 inches Fresh, triple baked cheese tarts have a warm and creamy inside in a perfectly crisp buttery tart shell. We fill them and bake them three times right before your eyes making them possibly the freshest cheese tarts you’ll ever try. Tart shells are made fresh in house daily from local grown ingredients. […]

Uncle Tetsu’s Original Cheesecake

Size: 7 inches There are two things that make Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake so special: Quality local ingredients. One-of-a-kind, baking process by hand. Although our cheesecake ingredients are simple, they are the finest in their class. We use only the best wheat, egg, milk, cheese and butter to hand-make a cheesecake that our customers never forget. […]

Uncle Tetsu’s Rusk

Made from our delicious original Cheesecake