Wider range of delivery is available NOW in Melbourne!

Do you live in Melbourne ? This time we can only deliver to the designated area, but we have widen the delivery range from 25km to 35 km so that as many customer can receive and enjoy our Cheesecake. Delivery order form will be closed Tuesday, 26th of May at 3pm. Delivery schedule is listed […]

Home delivery is available on the Uber Eats APP

Do you miss our creamy Cheesetarts? Sydney store is OPEN from 12pm to 8pm everyday! Home delivery is available from 12pm to 7pm. Download EASI or Uber Eats APP and get your cheesecake today! Delivery is available at the Sydney store from 12pm to 7pm. Currently three items are available; Original Cheesecakes, Original Cheesetarts and […]

Easter Holiday opening hours

Celebrate Easter with delicious Cheesecakes! Sydney store: Two items are available on Easter Holiday; Original Cheesecakes, and Japanese Puddings. 9th Thu. 12pm-8pm 10th Fri. Closed 11th Sat. 12pm-6:30pm 12th Sun. 12pm-6:30pm 13th Mon. Closed 14th Tue. 12pm-8pm Melbourune 55 Swanston store: Melbourne 55 Swanston store is closed this Easter Holiday. Please ready to celebrate Easter […]

Download EASI APP and place your order today!

GET UNCLE TETSU DELIVERED! Delivery is available at the Sydney store and Melbourne 55 Swanston store. Sydney store: 12pm-7pm Currently three items are available; Original Cheesecakes, Original Cheesetarts and Japanese Puddings. Melbourune 55 Swanston store: 12pm-7pm (Sat, Sun 12pm-5pm) Currently 4 items are available; Original Cheesecakes,Chocolate Cheesecakes, Original Cheese tart and Honey Madeleine. How to […]

Important UPDATE
Important UPDATE

Important update: Sydney store is OPEN as usual this week. All flavoured Cheesecakes, Japanese Vanilla Pudding, Madeleines, Hard Rock Puff and Original Cheesetart are available. Angel Garden Sydney is CLOSED from today until 13 April according to the direction by the government. Dessert Buffet is tempory CLOSED from today. If you’d like to just pick […]

Important UPDATE

Dear Uncle Tetsu fans, Under the unprecedented situations with COVID-19, we are still open for business as usual, serving our Japanese Cheesecakes and other sweets to make everyone happy. Our staff are regularly washing their hands and wearing gloves to handle the food, cleaning and sanitising all contact surfaces. We are closely monitoring the situation […]

Happy Birthday Uncle Tetsu

HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE TETSU!Celebrating his birthday with us!  

Our NEW!! Luna Cheesecake – available ONLY January 2020 –

Our NEW!! Luna Cheesecake. Available ONLY 1 month (January 2020). A creamy mix with a smooth, delicatetexture and a hint of lemon flavor on the top of a crunchy biscuit base. Whole Cheesecake: $19.99 Available at Uncle Tetsu Sydney and Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Garden Cafe Sliced Cheesecake plate: $7.00 Available at Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Garden […]