Specialty Dessert The “Hard Rock Puff” coming soon!

We are launching the “Hard Rock Puff”, one of Uncle Tetsu’s NEW specialty desserts on Friday 5th July!

Crunchy “Hard Rock” Puffs can only be made in the same Japanese precision ovens that we use to bake our Famous Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecakes! It has a crispy surface, contrasted with a soft and rich custard cream which we fill for you on order to ensure the best taste and texture possible!

Come and experience our new specialty dessert at Angel Garden on Friday 5th July at 3pm!! Limited batches, don’t miss out!

To celebrate the launch of our Specialty Dessert, Hard Rock Puff, we offer Buy 1 Get 1 Free for the first 30 customers who come to Angel Garden at 3pm on Friday, 5th June! The offer is limited for only one per customer.



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