Specialty Dessert The “Hard Rock Puff” coming soon!

We are launching the “Hard Rock Puff”, one of Uncle Tetsu’s NEW specialty desserts on Friday 5th July! Crunchy “Hard Rock” Puffs can only be made in the same Japanese precision ovens that we use to bake our Famous Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecakes! It has a crispy surface, contrasted with a soft and rich custard cream […]

Melbourne Australia store opened!

We have opened our second store in Australia in late November 2017. This store is in Melbourne, located at 55 Swanston Street.

Myanmar store open!

We have opened our first store in Myanmar, they have created a simple yet cute design for their new store.

Our first store in NZ is open!

We have now officially opened our first store in Auckland, New Zealand, at 287 Queen St.