Angel Garden Dessert Buffet


Uncle Tetsu would love for you to try our Uncle Tetsu’s Dessert Buffet at Angel Garden at 20% off the price, from $28 to $22.4!! 60 minus.
*one drink included.

Our Dessert Buffet is open from Monday to Thursday 3pm – 8pm.

Our Angel Garden Buffet RULE:

1.All-you-can-eat for 60 minutes. Please be mindful that we charge $5 every

5 minutes after 60 minutes.

2. Please sit at the same numbered seat as the card. When leaving, please return the card.

3.Additional charges may apply if there is a lot of leftovers.

4. Takeaway is prohibited in any case.

5. Dishes are exchangeable one by one. Please call the staff when exchanging.

6. When there is congestion, we may ask you to share a table with other customers.

7. Bringing your own food and drinks are not allowed.

8. If you use the restroom, please tell your card number to the staff and use the nearest restroom.

9. Please keep an eye on your children if you are coming with them.

Ayumi Matsuo


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